The company is part of the DOP (PDO) MONTI IBLEI, which is the official recognition of the very special characteristics of the oil obtained in the homogeneous area of the Hyblaean Mountains. DOP/PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), in fact indicate that the quality and characteristics of these precious oils derive essentially from the geographical environment in which the olives and grown and processed. DOP – Protected Designation of Origin – is the mark of quality attributed to an agricultural product or foodstuff whose special characteristics depend exclusively on the territory in which it is produced. DOP products are unique and cannot be imitated as they are the result of specific factors, both natural such as soil, climate or native varieties, and human such as traditional production and processing techniques. These cannot in any way be reproduced outside the DOP territory. DOP products benefit from protection against imitation throughout the EU. In Italy only 194 local products (cheeses, cured meats/salumi, fruit and vegetables, spices and olive oils) are classified as DOP. To give an idea of everything that is in the olive oil sector, in Italy only 2% of the production comes under the DOP/IGP mark. The MODICEO extra virgin oil is DOP MONTI IBLEI subzone Frigintini. This certification recognizes our Company as always having been committed to the search for true quality. DOP MONTI IBLEI is already an absolute guarantee, but in our continuing search for quality in olive oil we go further with the early harvesting of the olives at the expense of yield but to the advantage of the organoleptic characteristics of the oil. The interval between harvesting and pressing is also reduced to 12-24 hours. Pressing is carried out by cold processes in the new mill using machines made by Officine Meccaniche Toscane.