Consistent with its commitment to eco-sustainability and respect for the environment, the company has chosen to reduce environmental impact by paying attention to the choice of packaging. Today marketing considers the functionality of a container in terms of its image, choosing solutions which increase weight and size. The presence of more composite materials makes it difficult to separate the packaging when recycling. The company has considered the solutions offered by the packaging market and has given priority to those which first preserve the characteristics of the products and which mainly consist of material recyclable and easy to separate when recycling. For the extra virgin olive oil dark glass bottles were chosen, which provide protection from the light, non-contamination from metals, which is theoretically possible with the use of tin cans, and easy recycling.

The company’s commitment also extends to the project “Recycling waste from pruning”

The waste from pruning and cleaning is, in fact, biomass. The company recycles this biomass using the thicker branches as firewood and chopping and pressing the smaller ones to obtain briquettes to be used as a source of energy.