Organic farming differs from other types of farming in many respects. It is an agricultural system which seeks to provide the consumer with genuine fresh and tasty products which combine flavour and pureness produced with the maximum respect for the environment and for the physiological cycle of nature. In fact, organic farming avoids the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics or genetic manipulation. Organic farming favours renewable resources and recycling, returning to the soil the nutrients found In waste products. It respects the environment’s natural mechanisms for the control of diseases and pests and makes use of a series of techniques which contribute to the maintenance of ecosystems and reduce pollution. Organic farming is a production method which respects human and animal welfare and defends environmental and cultural biodiversity. It is an example of sustainable development aimed at protecting the environment and the territory and enhancing the quality of the products. MODICEO OIL is produced according to the BIO specifications and is certified by the ICEA, which is the first certification of the supply chain “from the farm to the table” which ensures the traceability of raw materials and finished products, ensuring product quality and consumer protection. The ICEA organic certification is synonymous with reliability and is a guarantee on both the home and international market. This certification is proof of our company’s commitment to aiming at true quality. The BIO ICEA certification is already an absolute guarantee, but in our continuing search for quality in olive oil we go beyond this with the early harvesting of the olives at the expense of yield but to the advantage of the organoleptic characteristics of the oil. We also reduce to 12-24 hours the interval between harvesting and pressing. Pressing is carried out by a cold process in the new mill using machinery made by Officine Meccaniche Toscane.