‘Organic’ means any food which, at origin, has not been treated with any synthetic chemical fertilizers, or pesticides. Organic oil is produced without the use of herbicides or pesticides and in full respect for 

the environment.

To be eligible for the indication “product of organic farming” it is necessary for all those involved to work according to a control system. MODICEO oil has been certified by the ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification) which deals with the management of the control systems of organic production. The ICEA is, therefore, a monitoring organization which under EEC Regulation(No.2092/91) checks and certifies that MODICEO oil is produced following strict specifications. However, in addition to being produced from olives from organic farming, MODICEO oil is the result of exclusive production by the company, which is guaranteed after complying with the documentation and bureaucratic procedures which control the entire production cycle. (The authorization granted is also included in the labels on the bottles).

The Scollo company is certified by the ICEA with the CERTIFICATE OF ORGANIC CONFORMITY IT BIO 006 Controlled operator No. D96Z.

This independent body continually checks the points of production and the products, ensuring that they conform to the EC specifications concerning organic agriculture. The rigorous analysis which our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil undergoes certifies and guarantees its absolute purity, genuineness and quality. To learn more, visit the ICEA website.

The EU organic farming logo gives consumers confidence regarding the provenance and the quality of food and beverages. The presence of this logo on the products ensures compliance with the EU Regulation on organic farming.